Is my payment secure?

We take credit card security very seriously and want you to feel safe when placing your order. For this reason, you may need to complete a verification step when you make a payment.

Verifying your card is simple:

  1. Place your order and enter your card details.
  2. If the security system is activated for your card, you’ll be redirected to a 3D Secure window. Your payment provider will ask to verify your identity by entering an authentication code – usually, a one-time code sent to your mobile phone.
  3. Once you’ve entered the authentication code, your order will be confirmed.

3DS asks customers to provide extra details to prove the cardholder is the one making the purchase, using secure information that only they should be aware of. This process takes place on the bank’s website, not ours.


For complete peace of mind, look for the lock icon next to the Lenstore web address. Which indicates the site is secure with a private connection.



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