Next Day Lenses website shutdown and delivery to USA ceasing


Unfortunately, we won't be able to sell our products to the USA from the 19th of January 2024, this is because of a contractual change. This will also include the closing of our website Next Day Lenses.


Any Next Day Lenses customer will not be able to access their account and view their order history anymore after the mentioned date. Instead, customers registered on will still be able to check their order history and access their account, but won't be able to ship their order to the United States.


The 18th of January will be the last day where customers can stock up on their lenses and place their last order with us, after that no orders will be accepted with delivery to the USA.


A banner and a pop-up message have been promptly placed on our website to communicate this news with all of our dear customers from the United States of America.

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