I’ve had an eye test, and my prescription has been updated. What should I do?

You recently have had a routine eye check, which is great for assessing the overall health of your eyes and determining your glasses prescription. However, we'd like to emphasize the importance of also having a contact lens check, even if you don't wear contact lenses regularly.

Many people may wonder why they need both a routine eye test and a separate contact lens check up. The answer lies in the differences in focus and purpose between the two:

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Here is why contact lens fitting and aftercare are necessary:

  • Precision Matters: Contact lenses sit directly on the surface of your eye, and their fit and prescription must be precise to ensure clear vision and comfort. Your contact lens prescription may differ from your glasses prescription.

  • Customized Fit: Contact lenses are individually tailored to your eyes. Your eye's curvature, size, and other factors can affect the fit and performance of contact lenses. A contact lens fitting ensures that your lenses fit properly and comfortably. Additionally, whenever there's a change in the lens type or modality, a new fitting and trial are essential to guarantee optimal vision and comfort.

  • Health Considerations: Wearing contact lenses comes with specific hygiene and care requirements. A contact lens check up assesses the health of your eyes in the context of contact lens use, assisting in the identification of any potential issues related to wearing contacts.

  • Updates and Lifestyle Changes: Your vision can change over time, and lifestyle factors may also impact your vision needs. A contact lens aftercare allows the optician to assess whether your current contact lenses are still the best option for your eyes, especially if you've experienced any changes in your visual requirements or comfort.

  • Access to Better Options: Advances in contact lens technology have led to various types of contact lenses designed for different needs and preferences. A contact lens aftercare can help us explore newer and potentially more comfortable or effective options.

While your routine eye exam provides important information about your overall eye health and glasses prescription, a contact lens fitting and aftercare are necessary to ensure that your contact lenses are tailored precisely to your eyes. This step helps you maintain clear vision, comfort, and eye health.

If wear contact lenses and have recently had an eye test, we recommend scheduling a contact lens aftercare appointment with your optician or checking when your next contact lens check up is due to ensure both prescriptions are kept up to date.

We would like to use this opportunity to remind our customers that you have access to free tests and contact lens aftercare services at Vision Express. Booking an appointment is easy. Just use the Lenstore and Vision Express appointment booking system via this link: Appointment Booking Link.


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