Amending the delivery address for an existing order


We understand mistakes can happen. If you've inadvertently selected an incorrect address and your order currently displays as 'Order Being Fulfilled', please reach out to us immediately by clicking here. When contacting us, kindly include "URGENT" and your order reference number in the subject line, ensuring we prioritize your request.

However, if your order status reads ‘Order Dispatched’ or if you've received a dispatch confirmation email, then your parcel is already with the delivery provider, and we're unable to make any alterations. In such cases, you might consider contacting the local delivery office to possibly redirect the parcel or attempting to retrieve it from the provided address.

Alternatively, the residents of the incorrect address have the option to decline the delivery or to send the order back. To avoid any return charges, kindly adhere to our return instructions.

Should the order be returned to us, rest assured, we'll get in touch with you promptly. From there, we can arrange a re-dispatch or process a refund, as per your preference.



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