Can you recommend an alternative lens?


As an online contact lens retailer, we often get asked about suggesting other lenses. It's important to know that we can't make those recommendations for the benefit of your eye safety. Here is why:

  • Contact lenses are not one-size-fits-all. They are prescribed based on multiple factors, including the curvature of your eyes, the material your eyes can tolerate, and your specific vision needs.
  • The fit of a contact lens is of extreme importance. A lens that doesn't fit properly can lead to discomfort, blurred vision, and serious eye health issues like infections or abrasions.
  • Every individual's eyes are unique, and so are their lens needs. What works perfectly for one person may be completely unsuitable for another, even if the prescription strength is the same.
  • Transposing prescription values from one type of lens to another doesn't guarantee effectiveness. Lens technologies and designs vary significantly between brands, meaning what works for one lens type may not be suitable for another. This variability is especially true for toric or multifocal lenses.

Who can recommend an alternative lens?

Opticians are trained professionals who are experienced in fitting contact lenses. They use specialised equipment to measure various aspects of your eyes, ensuring that the lenses fit perfectly and correct your vision accurately.

During the contact lens fitting, the optometrist examines the health, size, and surface of the eyes to identify the most appropriate lenses for the patient's individual needs, taking into account their lifestyle and daily activities. For example, someone active in sports might require a different lens type compared to someone who primarily uses lenses for reading.

The fitting also involves providing the patient with comprehensive guidance on lens usage, care, and maintenance. This includes instruction on safe insertion and removal, proper cleaning techniques, and adhering to a recommended wear schedule. Emphasis is placed on the importance of following these care instructions to ensure eye health, comfort, and optimal lens performance.

Once a type of lens is prescribed, it is usual to have a trial period. This allows both the wearer and the optician to assess the comfort, fit, and vision correction of the lenses before finalising the prescription.

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Remember, your vision is incredibly precious. Trusting experts and ensuring that your contact lenses are correctly prescribed and fitted is an essential step for maintaining optimal eye health.


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