How do I clear cookies and cache for navigation issues?

Our web browsers store information regarding websites we have visited, but sometimes, that information can cause issues if the site you are trying to navigate has been updated.

Sometimes, payment problems or malfunctioning buttons can be fixed by just deleting the cookies and cache in your web browser.

Here's how to clear cookies in the most popular browsers – Firefox, Chrome and Edge.



On the top right corner of the browser, you will see a small icon with three parallel lines. If you click on it, you will be able to find the option ‘Settings’


Click on ‘Settings’ and select the menu ‘Privacy & Security’.

Next, search for ‘Cookies and Site Data’ and click on the button ‘Clear Data’:


Tick the boxes for cookies and cached web content and hit the button ‘Clear’.

Now, refresh your browser session and try again.

Google Chrome


In the top right corner of your browser, you will see three vertical dots. Click on it to expand the menu and select ‘Settings’.

View the ‘Privacy and security' section and select ‘Clear browsing data’


Microsoft Edge


Microsoft Edge displays three parallel dots to give you access to the expanded menu where you will find ‘Settings’



Select Privacy, search and services and click on ‘Choose what to clear’ near ‘Clear browsing data now’:



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