Does Lenstore provide trial lenses?

Trial lenses are an essential part of finding the right contact lenses for your vision needs and comfort. During a fitting and trial appointment, an optician evaluates your eye health, measures your eyes to determine the correct lens curvature and diameter, and assesses how different lens materials affect your eyes. This personalised assessment ensures that the lenses you choose offer optimal comfort and effectiveness.

Why a professional fitting matters

A professional fitting involves not just determining the right lens parameters but also educating you on proper lens care and usage. The trial period under an optician’s supervision allows you to test how the lenses fit and feel in your daily life, ensuring they are suitable for your vision correction needs and lifestyle. This supervised trial is crucial as it helps prevent potential issues such as discomfort, eye strain, or infections caused by ill-fitting lenses.

Lenstore’s policy on trial lenses

As Lenstore is not an optician's practice, we are unable to provide trial lenses directly. Our primary role is to supply lenses based on the specifications provided by your optician after a complete fitting.

Booking a Fitting Appointment

If you are considering trying a new type of lens, or if it's your first time using contact lenses, you will need to book a fitting and trial appointment with your optician. They will guide you through the process of selecting the right lenses and ensure that they fit properly, providing a foundation for successful and comfortable lens wear.

If you've purchased lenses from us before, here's how to arrange a free appointment with our partner, Vision Express: How can I book a free eye test with Vision Express?



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