Can I use a saline solution to clean my contact lenses?

Saline solutions are not designed for cleaning, disinfecting, or storing contact lenses as they lack the necessary antimicrobial properties. These solutions are only suitable for rinsing lenses after they have been cleaned with a proper disinfecting solution.

The risks of homemade solutions

It's crucial to use a commercially produced saline solution; homemade solutions are unsafe and may lead to severe eye infections due to potential contamination.

Proper lens care and maintenance

For the proper maintenance of your contact lenses, it is important to use a specialized contact lens solution that effectively cleans and disinfects. This solution is typically recommended by your optician and can be found listed on your contact lens prescription. The recommended solution often varies depending on the type of contact lens and your individual eye health.

Consulting Your Optician

If you're unsure about which cleaning solution to use, consult your optician. They can provide guidance on the best product for your lenses and eye health, ensuring that you maintain optimal vision and comfort.

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