What size boxes do you use for delivery?

Our recyclable boxes are designed with the dimensions of standard contact lens boxes in mind to ensure they reach you and fit your letterbox with no issues.

Depending on the size of your order, the box used to deliver your items will have different dimensions. We currently use these sizes (in order of smallest to largest):

  • Box 1: 238 x 124 x 18 mm
  • Box 2: 174 x 178 x 33 mm (most common)
  • Box 3: 334 x 178 x 36 mm
  • Box 4: 330 x 180 x 70 mm

Box 1 is suitable for all letterboxes and is often used for orders consisting of monthly lenses as they are generally smaller than boxes of dailies containing 30 lenses.

Boxes 2 & 3 are all letterbox standard but have different shapes to hold larger items. Box 2 is the most commonly used and specially designed to fit orders of daily disposable lenses.

Box 4 is for oversized items or large orders and may need to be left on your doorstep or in a safe space.