My order is marked as delivered but I have not received it

We endeavour to provide a fast and reliable delivery service to our customers, and that is our agreement with our courier partners.

Our aim is for every order dispatched today to be delivered tomorrow, but sometimes it can take a bit longer to arrive and we should wait up to three days to allow the courier to move it through their network.

The vast majority of our orders arrive promptly and safely, but we’ve got you cover if that is not the case.

Our current procedure for missing orders is fair and helps us reduce the number of affected orders.

If your order is missing you will need to let us know on and, after asking you to check a few things, we’ll raise an investigation with the courier that takes up to 3 days.

We’ll reach out to you after we receive the investigation outcome and provide a solution.

Please note that we are unable to replace orders until that investigation has been completed.